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(nicknamed Fis) - director.

After graduation from the actor’s department of the Leningrad Theatre Institute he used to wake up at night shouting at the top of his voice: ”I don’t believe you!” (the world-famous words of K.S. Stanislavsky, theatre director). Following the advice of his psychiatrist Vadim Fisson took the course of drama production. But strange as it is all the performances directed by Fisson had nothing to do with dramatic art. In 1991 he became head, producer and art director of the theatre company “Comic Trust”. In the same year Fisson staged the performance “Nonsense in Tails”voted the best of the season. At the variety competition “Under the Roofs of St.Petersburg” he was awarded the prize as the best theatre director. In 1994-1996 he was working in Germany as director of the theatre “Pomp Duck and Circumstance”. Together with Pierre Bilan he took part in the production of the Berlin Show. At the end of 1996 in St.Petersburg he organized “Theatre Laboratory of the Rehabilitation of Clowns”. The result of this activity was the performance “Second Hand” and then all the other productions of “Comic-Trust”.



(nicknamed Gag-woman, Stop-model) - actress.

Natalia Fisson has received numerous awards for her work in theatre and film, including "brightest actress" at the festival of St. Petersburg Theatre Studios, "best young actress" at the St. Petersburg Cabaret Theatre Festival, "best role of the year" at the 1992 Lenfilm awards, and "best actress" at the International Festival of Baltic Nations. Ms. Fisson studied with the director George Tovstonogov at the Leningrad Institute for Theatre and Film. She then began her career as member of Slava Polunin's internationally acclaimed clown troupe, Litsedei. Her studies have taken her to London, where she studied clown with Phillipe Gaulier and to the United States, where she studied at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center (Waterford, Connecticut) and the Broadway Dance Center (New York City).


Natasha Fisson



Since 1991 she has been a member of Comic Trust, working both in Russia and in Germany at the acclaimed cabaret theatre Pomp Duck & Circumstance. Natalia Fisson has worked with the internationally renowned Swiss clown Pierre Bilan (director of the Burlesque Center in Switzerland) and with David Shiner (clown and co-creator of the Broadway hit "Fool Moon"). She has had nine leading roles in the Russian cinema. Her foreign film credits include "Dance Macabre" for 21st Century Film Corporation (USA), the Irish-American Thriller "Die with Me", and a leading role in "Bohai Bohau" for SWF-3 (Germany).


(nicknamed Zhuchek - Small Bug ) - actor.

Mr. Sladkevich began his artistic career as a singer-songwriter. He was later seduced by the theatre but was run out of theatre school for the heinous crime of making gratuitous jokes about the Stanislavsky method. He became a clown, which, as it turned out, was not such a bad idea. At the Kazan Festival of Independent Theatre his show, "One, Two, Three" unexpectedly took the prize for "Best Clown Duet". From 1991-1996 he was a member of the clown troupe Mimigranti. In 1991 Mr. Sladkevitch participated in the Golden Clown festival in Moscow and as co-creator and actor in the show "Comedy with Murder" was awarded the Grand Prize. He has worked as a clown in "Circus on the Water" in France and has earned his bread in Germany by making people laugh.


(nicknamed Coca - Colenka) - actor

From the far away town of Sura, Mr. Kychev began his study of dance at the age of fourteen in the Arkhangel ensemble, "Siverko". Quickly realizing that the artistic possibilities north of the Arctic Circle were rather limited, he earned his ticket to Moscow by perfecting the traditional Russian folk dance maneuver, the "squat kick". While in the Moscow Military Ensemble he earned recognition for his daring portrayal of the dying solider in a rock-opera version of Leonid Brezhnev's epic "Malaya Zemlya". He then enrolled in the Leningrad Cultural Institute of Higher Learning where he studied Russian classical ballet and earned a diploma in choreography. After graduation he worked in the Dance Theatre "Fouette". From 1991-1995 he was a soloist in the cabaret theatre Troika, with which he toured Cannes, Nice, and Monte Carlo. He has also worked in Spain, Germany, and India. In 1996 he studied clown in London with Phillipe Gaulier.

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