"...They were dancing and joking encouraged by the applause and groan of the audience weakened by laugh. The most surprising was that this mixed audience (officials, regular theatregoers and businessmen) provided the similar respond to the happening going on the stage: all of them were laughing."

I. Nacharova



"Naphthalene” Ěčăŕëęŕ
cabaret show
Sphere of "Naphthalene"
"...The masterly produced, stunning show! I haven’t recovered yet after it since we don’t often have a chance to see such unusual and untraditional theatre performance!"

A. Gounitsky


Trio "Depression"

Ours lovely spectator!

Cabaret “Naphthalene” is the best aristocratic show of St.Petersburg where you can enjoy a great combination of cabaret “Silver Age” and clips of today. This show is a real cascade of dances, pantomime, clown-show, jokes, puppet-show, etc. You can see a quick change of stage masks and characters. The actors are not only on the stage, but next to the spectators in the hall. Everybody becomes an active participant of the performance. The “Dinner Theatre” genre is new for Russia. It is really cool!

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