"The spectators have got a wonderful night. The most exciting was the performance of “Comic Trust“ from St. Petersburg. It was a crazy mixture of dance, mime and clownery."

"Region Hanover" (Germany)

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"This show comprises everything it could – heart breaking rhythm and the absurd kaleidoscope of masks and funny performance. They don’t need much to produce such enormous effect and make spectators laugh.”

"Limburgs Dagblad" (The Netherlands)


Strange celebration come!

The show may be organized both indoors and outdoors, for 100 or 1000 viewers, in Russian, English or without words, for the people aged from 5 to 105. It can last from 20 min to 2 hours, with an interval or without... So, the details may vary, but for sure the performance will be very funny and fascinating!

We are "Comic-Trust"! Trust us!

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