"Trust that shouldn’t blow up”

The name of the article in “Smena" newspaper about Comic-Trust
dated 17.10.1992


Crazy Russian



"Trust that will not blow up"

The name of the article in “St.- Petersburg Vedomosti" newspaper about Comic-Trust dated 20.08. 1999



Germany, USA, France, Poland, Switzerland, UK, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Greece, South Korea, Denmark


1991  The "Comic-Trust" Theater Company was founded by director Vadim Fisson as an independent collective. In St.Petersburg premiers "Nonsens in Tails" the first production of theatre. The first tour - Sedlicy Theatre Festival, Poland.

1992   Comic Trust actors became prize-winners of “Imagination Celebration” theatre festival in Colorado Springs ( USA ) and honorary citizens of this American city. In the variety competition “Under the Roofs of St.Petersburg” they got prizes as the best young actors and the best director. At the festival of the St.Petersburg theatre-studios the company received the awards “For the Most Optimistic Performance”.  Actress Nataliya Fisson was awarded the title “The Brightest Actress of the Festival”. The first production of the theatre “Nonsense in tails” is named by critics as the best production of the 1992 season.

1993 The first tour in Germany (“Chameleon”-Berlin,”Schmits”-Hamburg). The tour in Switzerland (“De la Grenette”- Vevey). The prize for “The Most Eccentric Performance” was awarded to the company at the Ukrainian International Festival “Beresil-93 “. At the International Festival of the Baltic countries actress Nataliya Fisson got the prize “For the Best Role”.

1994 Further performances at the “Chameleon” (Berlin), “Nonsens in Tails” performs to exceptional reviews at the “La Grenette” Theatre in Vevey and at the “Theatre de l'Echandole" in Yverdone, Switzerland.

1994-1996 Vadim and Nataliya Fisson worked in Germany, in one of the best shows in Europe “Pomp Duck and Circumstance” as a director and actress. They performed in Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin and other cities.

1996  "Comic-Trust" Theatre Company with a new cast showed a concert program in Imatra (Finland). Troupe studied clown in London with Phillipe Gaulier.

1997   The premiere of the performance “Second Hand”(director Vadim Fisson, designer Boris Petrushansky). The participation in the programme “The Days of St.Petersburg” in Warsaw. The guest performance in Chelyabinsk at the festival “Kamerata-Tranzit”. The theatre became the laureate of the theatre festival “Christmas Parade” in St.Petersburg. The first performances with the project “Adrenalin”.

1998   The premiere of Cabaret “Naphthalene” in St.Petersburg. The first prize for the performance “Second Hand” at the festival “Lambushka” in Petrozavodsk. The tour in Hanover (Germany ). The prize to Nataliya Fisson from the magazine “Marie Claire”.

1999   The participation in the programme of the International Festival of Fireworks in Hanover. The premiere of the concert. The participation in the  theatre festivals - "Limburg  festival" in Holland and “Haaste Tone” in Belgium. Performances in Berlin.

2000  The summer tour in Germany. The participation in 6 festivals, among which was Kleines Fest in Grossen Garten in Hannover. Photoes

2001  The premiere of  new performance "White Side Story" in Hannover. They Got Russian National Professional Humor Prize of the “Golden Ostap”.  The theatre became the laureate of the theatre festival “Christmas Parade” in St.Petersburg in the 2th time . Actress Nataliya Fisson was awarded the title “The Best Actress of the Festival”, Director Vadim Fisson got Prize of the "Gold Pelican" . Summer 2001, they perform at the Printemps des Comediens Festival in Montpelier, France and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, and also at Kleines Fest in Grossen Garten in Hannover  

2002 The participation in the Theatre Festival in Novosibirsk, nominated by Theatre Festival "Golden Mask" in Moscow. Theatre got  premium of culture from government of St.-Petersburg. Actress Nataliya Fisson was awarded from "ELLE" magazine. Summer. The premiere of street performance "Antony and Cleopatra" in the Printemps des Comediens Festival in Montpelier, France (coproduction with festival) and perform "White Side Story" at  the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland  In October - performances in one Badajoz, Spain „ International Contemporary Theatre Festival of  Badajoz 2002 “. The tour in Finland and Poland was devoted to celebrating 300 years of St.-Petersburg

2003 Spring  - "White Side Story"  in Athenes and Thesaloniki (Greece), and on theatrical festivals of Italy: «The Art of Clown Third International Exhibition» (Florence), "Il Gioco del Teatro ", April 2003 (Turin). In May - "White Side Story" in Hamburg on the stage "Altonaer Theater". In the summer - once again have visited a festival " Kleines Fest im Grossen Garten " in Hanover (Germany) with performance " Antony and Cleopatra" and "Internationale Art Festival Moers" Moers (Germany) with performance "White Side Story". In September - with two these performances have visited the festival "Fira de Teatre de Tarrega" Tarrega (Spain), not far from Barcelona. November - Fifth festival "Young theatres of Russia" Omsk (Russia).

2004 In February have played premiere of the scenic version " Antony and Cleopatra" on the stage LENSOVETA palace, in St. Petersburg (Russia). In March - the tour of 7 cities of Italy (Udine, Florence, Castelfiorentino, Barberino di Mugello, Vercelli, Verbania, Chivasso). April - Almaty «Days of St.-Petersburg in Kazakhstan». In June - we have received a Prize and diploma of the XII International festival of arts «Master Class». In July  - we have taken part in the Festival of Chamber Art «KOSTOMUKSHA - XVII » Kostomuksha (Russia). In August  - we have visited two European festivals - "Kilkenny Arts Festival" Kilkenny (Ireland) and "Stichting Noorderzon Festival" Groningen (Holland). September - performances in Germany - Bernburg and Radebeul " IX. Internationales Wandertheater-Festival ". In October  - we have taken part in the unique project in history of world theatre - First Interactive Theatre Festival “Theatre Web (A unified art space)” in Moscow.

2005 On January 31, Natalia Fisson was awarded the Vladislav Strizhelchik Indepedent Actors Award. In March  - a trip to the "Festival des chemins de traverse" (France). In April - we have taken part in the French conference "Russian humour. The French humour". Has opened Andrey Chepakina's photo-exhibition «Comic-Trust inside out». In May - the first visit to South Korea to "Busan International Performing Arts Festival". In June - we have opened 15 film festival «Message to Man». In August  - have visited 3 cities in South Korea with performance "White Side Story". In September - we have taken part in the First Festival of Russian culture "Sputnik" in Denmark. In November - performances in Hamburg (Germany), performance «Second Hand».

2006  In January  -we have congratulated Alfred Talkovskiy with a Anniversary . On March, 6 Natalia Fisson was awarded the Rank « The Honored artist of the Russian Federation ». June - the tour in Novosibirsk. July - we have taken part in International Festival of Arts "Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk" (Belarus). 19 of July - Vadim Fisson has been awarded with a silver medal « For merits in preservation of Russian culture ». July - September - we have taken part in several theatrical festivals in Italy, Austria, Denmark.

2007 7 of March - in Petersburg on the stage of 7 Pavilion " Lenexpo " has taken place premiere of performance " SPAM for FURER ". In May - in the north of Denmark has taken place coproduction with «Vendsyssel Teater» (Hjorring, Denmark) - performance "Underground travel of Nils Klim". In July - we have taken part in Festival of Chamber Art in Kostomuksha. In autumn - we realized the joint project with Russian and German teenagers, consecrated to 50 years partnership of twin cities of Hamburg and Saint Petersburg . In October -we have taken part in 11 International festival of arts "Gift" named Tumanishvili in Tbilisi (Georgia). In November - Comic-Trust have taken part in festival " the Baltic house in Moscow " with performance" Underground travel of Nils Klim".

2008  In February  - on a stage of theatre "Baltic house" has taken place premiere of "the Russian version" of performance " Underground travel of Nils Klim". May - participation in the Busan International Performing Art festival (South Korea). June - performances in Riga (Latvia). On June, 9 Natalia and Vadim Fisson presenters of program " Vigorous people " (5 channel) are awarded with the Premium of the Government of Saint Petersburg in the field of journalism in a nomination " The Best teleprograms ".

2009 Comic-Trust have taken part in theatrical festival "BLACK AND WHITE THEATRE FESTIVAL Katharsis" in Imatra (Finland) with performance "White Side Sstory" in the beginning of May . The first prepremier display of the new anti-crisis program "Full Ratatouille" has taken place on a scene of Chaplin-club in the end of May. June - the Cabaret "Naphthalene" at festival "Artisti in Piazza" in Pennabilli (Italy). In July we have presented "White Side Story" at the International Avignon festival , Avignon (France). October - participants «Days of St.-Petersburg in Turku (Finland)».

2010 February - the Premiere of performance "Full Ratatouille" in a new theatrical genre - "Dinner theatre" on the stage of "Leikin Club". In May Vadim Fisson became the winner of the International award "Philanthropist" for outstanding achievements of invalids in the field of culture and art 2010. Vadim Fisson is awarded 1 Awards in a nomination "Theatrical art".

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