"Adrenaline” turns routine boring presentations into brilliantly staged scandal. One would remember it forever. It means that the company and its production was advertised as good as it could ever be.

B. Mazo
"Business Petersburg"


""Adrenaline" is quite a new and unfamiliar matter. It was brought to life because people were tired to be just the spectators. The most active part of the society considers the theater boring. They don’t wish to be idle, on contrary, this people would like to take part in the action. They eagerly join the game if they are sure it is inoffensive and amazing."

E. Alexeeva
"St. Petersburg Vedomosti”

We took part in the celebration or have organized the celebrations for the following companies:

* Presentations: NTV Plus, “Adamant”, T. Parfionova Fasion House, "Klakson" newspaper and others.

* Opening celebrations: “Crystal Palace” Cinema Hall, “Sky Line” business center, “Snark” book shop, “Brodiachaya Dog” Cultural Center.

* Companies’ celebrations: “Artur Andersen”, “Baker and McKenzie”, "American Power Conversion", "Drezdner Bank", "SPIBA", "Oriflaim", "Vodocanal", "Alfabank", "OMM",  "PeterStar", "GSM", "Ingosstrakh"etc .

* Competitions and festivals: "Smirnoff" Fashion Competition, Cinema festivals "Glory to the Russian Cinema", "The Message to the Mankind", "Harms-festival" and so on, and so on, and so on …


" We express our admiration and gratitude to you. This party was charmingly merry, beautiful and unexpected."

Ryabov V.V. 
General Manager of "St.Petersburg" OAO "ALFA-BANK"


"We want to note your professionalism and the high level of original performing. This made our celebration truly unforgettable."

Haime Pudj  Zakaresh
                     Managing Partner of St.Petersburg Office of ZAO "ARTHUR ANDERSEN"


"The personal and guests of the celebration still remember the ease atmosphere, that you have been created that unforgettable evening."

Shuvalova T.M.
                                      The President of St.Petersburg ZAO "INGOSSTAKH - RUSSIA"



"We kindly gratitude you for the brilliant corporative celebration. Your mastership conquer our hearts."

             James Hitch,
             Head of Representative "BAKER AND MCKENZIE CIS LTD"

"Thanks to your wonderful organization and mastership of your company, this celebrity became unforgettable for the employees and guests."

Kuznetzov S.I.
                             The General Director ZAO "PETERSTAR"





“Adrenalin” - a project for presentations stimulating the promotion of goods and companies. It is a well-directed and memorable scandal show, a mixture of Russian “pulling somebody’s leg” and American happening, produced for presentations, jubilees, press-conferences, anniversaries, some special events, etc. This show changes the formal and official atmosphere of the meeting into a bright, joyful and pleasant event. In reality, it is indirect advertizing for the managing company. All the details of the future show are taken into consideration, i.e. the number of participants, the affordable space, the aim of the presentation, the characteristic features of the audience, etc. You will enjoy funny jokes, different tricks and fantastic action! The spectators will become active partners with the actors. The word “Adrenalin” speaks for itself! The same ideas and approaches were used in Germany in Clown Theatre “Pomp Duck and Circumstance” (one of the most expensive shows in Europe providing its guests with the night of provocations, practical jokes and other fun).

We are capable of organizing your party in total. We shall provide the professional light and sound for it. Upon clients request we can provide a video tape with the record of your festive in Betacam-SP or SuperVHS format.

Regarding the parties please call or e-mail:
e-mail: theatre@comic-trust.com  , Phone/Fax: +7 812 328 1619

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